Lex Lang has voiced all these characters in many award winning Animated and Live Action series, here are just a few...


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STAR WARS :Resistance - Major Baron Elrik Vonreg

LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises - Poe to the Rescue - Poe Dameron - FN2003

The Miraculous Ladybug Jagged Stone

The Regular Show: Barry

Batman The Brave and the Bold : Gold / Alloy / Hydrogen/ Batman II /  Dick Grayson / Batman: Hourman / Young Wildcat / Dr. Polaris

Batgirl Year One : Batman

Legion of Super Heroes :  Grimbor the Chainsman / R.J. Brande / Referee

Justice League: The New Frontier :  Rick Flagg

The Batman :  Clayface / Metallo / Hamilton Hill / Riddleman #1

Justice League : Atomic Skull / Joe Morton / Angry Patron / Heat Wave  / Mick Rory 

Curious George : Hundley / The Doorman, Hundley

Avatar: The Last Airbender : Sozin 

ChalkZone : Ronnie Lox

Digimon: Digital Monsters : WarGreymon / Cyberdramon / Scorpiomon /

Primetime Glick :Announcer

Six-String Samurai : Death

Power Rangers Wild Force  : Zen-Aku

Power Rangers Zeo : Louie Kaboom

Digimon Data Squad : Drimogemon / Digmon

Transformers: Robots in Disguise  : Tow Line

Power Rangers in Space : Ecliptor 

Power Rangers Turbo : Rygog / Lerigot

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie : Lerigot / Rygog 

Listen for Lex as Major Vonreg in Star Wars Resistance, Poe Dameron in LEGO Star Wars : The Resistance Rises, Barry on The Regular Show, as Dr. Doom on Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and catch Lex in Batman The Brave and the Bold as Dick Grayson as Batman, Young Wildcat, Gold, Hydrogen, Dr. Polaris and Hourman.  check your local listings for show times. Check Out the Demos for more!

Curious George! Listen for Lex's Emmy Award winning voices as The Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's dog.